City water, sewer projects upcoming – April 2018

The City of Negaunee has obtained a SAW Grant from Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) totaling $499,500 to complete an Asset Management Program for our sanitary sewer system at no cost to the City.

The scope of the project entails examining the sanitary system and pumping facilities, conducting GPS RTK data collection, surveying, mapping and inspection and integrating all data in a GIS platform.

The City’s sanitary system is approximately 34 miles in length, including seven (7) pump stations, force mains, and gravity piping with manholes. The contract was awarded to GEI Consultants of Michigan, Marquette office.

Residents will notice GEI employees throughout the City’s sanitary system over the next couple of years. The program will provide a detailed analysis of our system to show where our critical needs are as well as where preventative-type services should be directed. The results will enable the DPW to target the areas that will provide a more efficient and reliable system that will come with cost of savings in the future.

The water department has also been updating its Asset Management Program through the MDEQ to provide for a more reliable and efficient system. The program enables our city to model and map (GIS) and continue to improve our water system to provide our residents with safe, clean and affordable drinking water.

The program also models the system to provide for the volume and pressure to sustain in the aid of fire protection for all residents. Our system has approximately 27 miles of water main and associated isolation and shut-off valves, 224 hydrants and one water tower.

We are working with UPEA Engineers & Architects and the MDEQ for this project. We are currently working on a time-and-material basis with UPEA until we have satisfied the DEQ mandate with a viable capital improvement plan to go along with the Asset Management Plan.