May 2018 – Streets

Spring is here—we hope! We know that one of the first things on the minds of many during springtime is the condition of our streets. Just like across our state and throughout the nation, the same factors have a direct impact on how we deal with maintaining our streets; chief among them is cost. With this factor known, we must find creative ways to deal with the problem at hand: maintaining our streets to the best of our abilities. The city will continue provide information on this challenge, starting with this informational piece that explains how streets are made. In the coming months, we will cover the cost of streets, planning for the maintenance (where, when & why), and how you can be part of the solution.

How Streets Are Made

Fortunately, the City of Negaunee is not planning on building any new streets; however, each of the layers in the diagram below must be taken into consideration when conduction an overlay (repaving) on top of an existing street. If any of the layers are compromised due to overuse, erosions, settling or overweight traffic, new layers would need to be constructed in order to not only stabilize the street but to prolong its life.

The greatest concern with our streets lies with the base and asphalt layers. In many cases, we will be able to grind off the surface layer of the asphalt and conduct a simple overlay. If a street has degraded so badly, additional steps will need to be made to reconstruct the base layer. This will consist of digging up the street, adding to both construction time and overall costs.

Another consideration that comes into to play when planning major street repairs or maintenance is knowing what’s under the street. Are there sewer or water lines that need repairs, too? If so, such needs increase the overall costs. The City of Negaunee is performing assessments of both our water and sewer lines to determine their statuses in order to conduct costs effective street projects in the future.

As we move forward with future maintenance and repair projects, the City will use every tool it can to assess, plan and put into action the necessary steps to achieve our goals of maintaining our streets using the most cost-effective methods available.

2018 Major Projects

  •  Total Reconstruction: Croix Street from west of Baldwin Avenue, easterly to US-41
  •  Water Main & Heavy Reconstruction: Birch Street

2018 Major Maintenance

  •  Wedging & Leveling: Brown Avenue from Cherry Street south to Main Street
  •  Crack sealing of various streets
  •  Catch basin and manhole replacement and repairs
  •  Tree removal and stump grinding

2019 Major Projects

  •  Milling & Overlay: Brown Avenue from Cherry Street south to Main Street
  •  Milling & Overlay: Kanter Street from Case Street to Peck Street
  •  Milling & Overlay: Peck Street from Kanter Street to Pioneer Avenue

2019 Major Maintenance (tentative)

  •  Milling & Overlay: Gold Street from Rail Street to Copper Street
  •  Milling & Overlay: East Arch Street from Hungerford Avenue to Mitchell Avenue
  •  Crack sealing of various streets

2018 MDOT Project

  •  Milling & Overlay: US-41, Water Street to Malton Road

2019 MDOT Project

  •  Milling & Overlay: US-41/M-28 Business Route to US-41