Croix Sreet Construction Plan Updated

The City of Negaunee is in the process of finalizing the work plans for the 2018 construction season. The Croix Street project was awarded on June 11 by MDOT to Hebert Construction.

The City would like to make residents aware of this work so they can plan accordingly. The work is expected to begin at the Baldwin Avenue/Croix Street intersection. Digging began on June 25.The work is anticipated to be completed by September 22.

The work will take place on Croix Street west of Baldwin Avenue going easterly to US-41. The work will consist of curb and gutter replacement, catch basins, water stacks, sidewalks, street lighting and road surface replacement.

As with most construction work in residential areas, this project will cause some inconveniences. Most likely there will be dust issues and loud construction activities taking place. Access to property may be affected as will on-street parking. The City will work with the contractor to keep these inconveniences to a minimum.

Prior to the start of work, the City held a neighborhood meeting to inform every one of the details involved with the work.

Also, during construction, the City will hold regular progress meetings to allow residents to give input and to keep everyone informed of the construction schedules.

Please call Don Larson at the Public Works Warehouse at 475-9991 with questions or concerns.

Negaunee Croix Street 2018
Croix Sreet Construction