Free Services Available

The Negaunee Police Department offers many services to residents at no charge. These services include:

Bicycle Registration: Residents may stop into the police department to get a form to complete at their leisure, or may bring their bicycle(s) to the department for the purpose of registration.

Live Traps: Residents may sign out live traps if they are experiencing trouble with skunks or other animals in and around their home. Those people using the live traps are responsible for any wild animals caught as officers are not trained to handle them; however, officers may be able to assist with the removal of domestic animals (i.e. cats). Those people signing out the live traps are also responsible for returning the device in good/clean condition.

State of Michigan Notary Public: A Notary Public for the State of Michigan is available to notarize documents pertaining to City business during regular business hours.  Please be sure to have a picture ID with you for identity verification.

There is a $10.00 charge for notarization of documents that are not related to City business. This includes firearms Licenses to Purchase.


Vehicle Lockouts (keys locked inside): If any resident should accidentally lock their keys in their car, an officer of this department can attempt to unlock the vehicle once the resident completes the required consent form. Officers are not always able to unlock vehicles due to a variety of reasons, but in most cases the attempts are successful.

**Note** Officers may not attempt to unlock vehicles which have side-impact airbags as they pose a severe safety risk to the officer.

Home & Property Checks: Homeowners in the City can get a little peace of mind while on vacation or extended leave from their residences by asking the Department to make property checks during their absence. Call the Department, stop by to make arrangements or complete a request form online.

Gun Locks:  If you own handguns and are in need of locks to safely store your weapons, you can get them free of charge from the police department as long as supplies last.

State of Michigan Road Maps:  We have State of Michigan folding road maps available to the public.  Stop by and pick one up while supplies last.

If you have questions, please contact the department at 475-4154 or email your question to the Chief of Police.