Schedule of Fees (Police Department)

The fees outlined below are those pertaining to the Negaunee Police Department.  A complete copy of the City Fee Schedule can be printed (click on link) or you can contact the City Manager's Office at 475-7700 Extension 11 for further information.


Accident Report


General Incident Report

(Narrative only)

$5.00 each (up to 10 in a single request)

11th and subsequent reports in a single request will be provided at no charge.


Reports plus additional

documents (i.e. photos,

associated forms, etc)

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) should be used when requesting reports plus any additional documents *OR* any documents other than basic narrative reports or accident reports. Costs associated with FOIA are as follows:

$0.46 per 5 sheets
$0.50 per photograph
$0.30 per copy (8x11)
$0.35 per copy (8x14)
$0.305 per minute

$25.00 within 96 hours

$35.00 after 96 hours/within 30 days

City Right-of-Way Violation


$50.00 within 96 hours

$65.00 after 96 hours/within 30 days


(Nov 1 through Apr 30)

$50.00 within 96 hours

$65.00 after 96 hours/within 30 days

Handicapped Zone

$100.00 within 96 hours

$130.00 after 96 hours/within 30 days


All parking violations not paid within 30 days will be turned over to the 96th District Court and are subject to additional fines up to $100 plus prosecution costs.

Notary Public

$10.00 per document for Non-City Business

No charge for City-Related Business

Preliminary Breath Test




(Ink Only)

$20.00 per card (limited supply of cards available at the department)

Lamination $1.00 (2-1/8" x 3-3/8", 2-1/2" x 4-1/4", 3" x 4")
  $2.00 (8-1/2" x 11") Size Currently Unavailable
Video Reproduction $50.00
Liquor License Inspection


Salvage Inspection $100.00

NSF Check Processing

(Warrant Issued Only)



Fail to Return Rental

(Warrant Issued Only)


Collections Fee (3rd time)

for NSF Checks and Fail to

Return Rental cases.

$30.00 (Charged to business owner)


Fees must be paid to Northern Veterinary Associates before your animal will be released.


$45.00 plus boarding fees


$25.00 for 1st day

$20.00 for each additional day


Dog license fees are determined by the County of Marquette.  Licenses are now available year-round at the Negaunee Police Department, as well as at the Marquette County Treasurer's Office and several area veterinarian clinics.

Licensing participants as of 01/01/2014

Proper documentation of current rabies vaccination (serial # and expiration of vaccination) and proof of spay/neuter (if applicable) are required to obtain a license.

1-Year Dog License

$8.00 for Unsexed (Neuter/Spay)

$16.00 for Male/Female


3-Year Dog License

$20.00 for Unsexed (Neuter/Spay)

$40.00 for Male/Female

Dogs are only eligible for a 3-year license during the same year for which they received their rabies shot/booster. Licenses cannot be issued past the expiration date of vaccination.