Chief Jay Frusti - Negaunee Police DepartmentChief of Police

Jay Frusti

Throughout the years there have been many changes in the City of Negaunee, but one thing that will remain is this department's goal of working with the community to create security and peace in our city.

The Negaunee Police Department strives to provide the highest standard of public service. It is important that we hear not only from those of you who are happy with the services we provide, but also from those of you who still seek satisfaction. We invite you to ask us questions, bring us your complaints and give us your input as that will give us additional tools to do our jobs as completely as possible.


As you browse through this website, keep in mind the officers of this department are here to serve the public and welcome your suggestions and ideas. Working together will bring improvement to the lives of those around us and we look forward to continuing our partnership with the community we serve and protect.


Chief Jay Frusti - Negaunee Police Department

Jay Frusti