The Negaunee Police Department encourages members of the community to let us know when they see ordinance violations such as noxious weeds, inoperable vehicles, dangerous structures or junk/garbage strewn about. If you wish to report a problem in the city, complete and submit the following form.

What type of ordinance violation are you reporting? (Choose one)
I am reporting an ordinance violation involving noxious weeds
I am reporting an ordinance violation involving an inoperable vehicle
I am reporting a junk/garbage related ordinance violation
I am reporting a dangerous or dilapidated structure
I am reporting an ordinance violation involving a City right-of-way
I am reporting multiple ordinance violations AT ONE LOCATION

Enter a description of the problem in the text box below and then click SUBMIT. We ask that you provide a name and contact number so that an officer may contact you with questions about the situation. Information will be held in the strictest confidence.

Name: Contact #:

Detailed description of problem (including address/location):

Your information will not be given to anyone except the officer who will handle your complaint. Be advised priority will be given to those reports in which the complainant is known. Reports submitted without a name and/or contact number will be checked when time permits.