Negaunee Police Department

The mission of the Negaunee Police Department is to serve the City of Negaunee with integrity, and to take pride in our community, our people and our department. We will promote safety and security by keeping the lines of communication open, and we will deliver a high level of personal service by working one-on-one with citizens to resolve problems.

– Chief Jay Frusti

Welcome to the Negaunee City Police Department, located in the lower level of the City Hall building at 100 Silver Street in Negaunee, MI (across from the Post Office).


The Negaunee Police Department is available for serving the community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  If at any time of the day or night you need police assistance you can dial 911 and a dispatcher will send an officer to you.  To contact the office during regular business hours call (906) 475-4154.

You can also come down to the department at any time. If the door is secured upon your arrival, simply open the yellow call-box outside the station door and lift the handset. You will connect with a dispatcher who can send an officer to meet with you at the department. This call-box is for use in any situation - not just emergencies. Feel free to utilize this service in order to speak with an officer in person outside of regular business hours.

Tour the Department

If you would like to take a tour of the police department, or perhaps bring a special group for a tour, please contact Chief Jay Frusti at (906) 475-4154 or email your request to make arrangements.

Employment Opportunities

Applications and resumes from persons seeking employment with the Negaunee Police Department are always accepted:

Applications can be printed from this site: EMPLOYMENT APP
Marquette County residents may pick up an application from City Hall during regular business hours (10am to 4pm, Mon thru Fri)
Out-of-county residents may request an application via telephone (906) 475-4154 or email if you are not able to print the document using the link above. Please be sure to provide your full name and address in your correspondence.

Completed applications & resumes should be brought to the police department or mailed to:

Negaunee Police Department
ATTN: Chief Jay Frusti
319 W Case Street, PO Box 70
Negaunee MI 49866

Thank you for visiting our site and any suggestions you might have to make it more useful and interesting are welcome.

Police Department Topics

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Firearms: License to Purchase (LTP)

If you are a resident of the City of Negaunee and wish to obtain a License To Purchase (LTP) a handgun, come to the Negaunee Police Department with your Michigan driver’s license. You must be at least 18 years of age to apply for an LTP and the address on your driver's license must be up-to-date with the Secretary of State. Once at the department, a copy of your driver's license will be taken and a check of your criminal history will be conducted.

Barring any disqualifying information being revealed, LTP's are generally issued the same day if you apply during regular business hours (Mon-Tue-Wed 9:00am-5:00pm, Thur-Fri 8:00am-4:00pm). Keep in mind that criminal histories are faxed to our department by Central Dispatch and could be delayed if they are handling higher priority calls. Applications made after 3:30pm have the greatest chance of being affected by this and your LTP could be delayed until the following business day. If you apply afterhours, your LTP should be ready around 10am the following business day. There is no charge for obtaining a License to Purchase.

You do not need an LTP if you are purchasing a handgun from an FFL dealer; however, a Pistol Sales Record (PSR) must be completed including the dealer's FFL number.

Glock .22 HandgunOnce you receive your LTP, you must have it notarized. This can be done in our office during regular business hours. There is a $10.00 charge for this service.

After your License to Purchase is notarized, you may take it to a dealer or private party to purchase the handgun – keeping in mind it is only valid for thirty (30) days. The Seller must provide and record in full (triplicate form) the requested information pertaining to the handgun, the seller and the transaction. Once this is completed, the Seller will retain the SELLER COPY of the form for his/her own records. You will keep the copy marked as PURCHASER COPY (retain for 30 days) and you are required by law to either mail or deliver the MSP COPY to the Negaunee Police Department within 10 days of acquiring your firearm.

A safety inspection is no longer required.

Requirements of CPL Holders

CPL holders residing in the City of Negaunee must document pistor purchases on a Pistol Sales Record (PSR). These forms are a 3-part form and are available online at the State of Michigan site. After acquiring a handgun, CPL holders are required to mail or deliver the MSP COPY to the Negaunee Police Department within 10 days of the transaction.

If you have any questions regarding License To Purchase or Pistol Sales Records, you may contact the Negaunee Police Department via telephone at 475-4154 or email your questions here.

Warrant List

Negaunee PD Warrant List

Call the Polce Department regarding current warrants. If you have information on the whereabouts of any individual listed and would like to pass it on to our department, please call (906)475-4154. Do not attempt to make apprehensions on your own.

Anyone finding their name on this list may appear in person at any police department to take care of the matter. Please bring a picture ID and the proper bond amount as shown to ensure processing can be completed as quickly and easily as possible.


General Parking Violations

General Parking Violations

The following is a list of common year-round parking violations. Each violation carries a $25.00 fine with a $10.00 late fee assessed after 96 hours with the exception of handicapped violations and vehicular City right-of-way violations.
28.1801 - Parking Against Traffic / Not Within 12" from Curb
257.676b - Obstructing Traffic
257.6741a - Parking on a Sidewalk
257.6741b - Blocking a Driveway
257.6741d - Parking Within 15' of a Hydrant
257.6741e - Parking on a Crosswalk
257.6741f - Parking Within 20' of a Crosswalk / Within 15' of an Intersection
257.6741g - Parking Within 30' of a Traffic Sign or Signal
257.6741n - No Parking Zone Violation (Signed)
257.6741s - Handicapped Zone Violation*
692.03l - City Right-of-Way Violation**

*Carries a fine of $100.00 with a $30.00 late fee after 96 hours
**Carries a fine of $50.00 with a $15.00 late fee after 96 hours


28.1801 (Page 20)



257.6741a through 257.6741w


686.05 Overnight Parking

Chapter 692 City Right-of-Way

(see Pages 26 to 31)

Winter Overnight Parking


From November 1st to April 30th each year, a winter parking ban (Overnight Parking) is in effect for the City of Negaunee between the hours of 2:00 am and 6:00 am. This violation carries a fine of $50.00 with a $15.00 late fee being assessed after 96 hours.

During the ban hours you may NOT park your vehicle:

On any City street, or
In any City alley, or
In any City-maintained parking lot, or
In any City-owned/leased parking lot, or
On any City-maintained sidewalk

Additionally, vehicles may not be parked on any sidewalk at any time as this is a violation of State Law.

Responsible Party

Because parked vehicles are left unattended, the registered owner of a vehicle in violation will be held responsible for paying fines incurred.

Payment Information

Fines for parking violations may be remitted via the US Postal Service in the payment envelope placed on your windshield (don't forget the stamp!), in person at the Negaunee Police Department, or by dropping the payment envelope in the silver Utility Payment box located in front of the Negaunee Library near the mailboxes. We do not recommend paying with cash unless you are paying in person. Personal checks and cashier's checks are more appropriate when paying via mail. We are not able to accept credit/debit card payments.

**Note** Partial payments cannot be accepted for any parking violation. Payments received which are less than the fine (plus applicable late fees) assessed will be returned. Payment in full is still required within thirty (30) days from the issue date of the parking violation notice to prevent court involvement.

Unpaid Parking Violations

If fines are not paid within 7-10 days, a reminder letter will be mailed to the registered owner's address on record with the Secretary of State.

If fines are not paid after thirty (30) days, the registered owner of the vehicle will be issued a standard traffic citation for the violation and the matter will be turned over to the 96th District Court for further action, which could include additional fines and/or suspension of driving privileges. Failure to respond to the court will result in a Bench Warrant being issued for your arrest.

Requesting a Hearing

If a court hearing is desired, the registered owner of the vehicle must come to the Negaunee Police Department with identification to make this request. The reason for this is the vehicle owner is ultimately responsible for the parking violation and should be kept informed of all matters involving them. If you reside outside of Marquette County or have a legitimate/acceptable reason for being unable to appear in person, please contact the department at (906)475-4154 as exceptions may be made.

If you have questions about a parking violation notice you've already received please call 475-4154.

If you have questions about parking violations in general, please call 475-4154 or email your question to the Chief of Police.