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---Online Utility Bill Pay

---Online Tax Bill Pay

WHAT YOU NEED: You will need the following information to expedite your credit card transaction

1. Your utility account number (on your billing statement). This number will include all of the digits without the dash (-).
2. The balance owed on your bill
3. Your credit or debit card or check account information

Telephone Payments:

To pay your tax payment over the phone, dial 1-877-318-5779 to call a secure automated telephone payment system powered by Paymentus.

To pay your utility bill over the phone, dial 1-877-318-5715 to call a secure automated telephone payment system powered by Paymentus.

  • You will enter the payment information including the account number, credit card details and payment amount.
  • You will be prompted to confirm that you have agreed to pay a convenience fee.
  • Then you will be provided with a confirmation number if the transaction is successful.

PAYMENT CONFIRMATION: All online/telephone payments will be made known to the City of Negaunee instantaneously. If you wish, you may converse with customer service staff immediately after making payment. Call 1-877-318-5779 to do so.

WHY IS THERE A CONVENIENCE FEE AND HOW MUCH IS IT?: There are several low or no-cost means to pay your bill at the City of Negaunee. These include pre-authorized payment (ACH), writing a check, placing a payment in our drop box, or making payment at any of the following financial institutions: mBank or Range Bank. Even so, many customers prefer to pay by credit card. Credit cards companies charge businesses such as Paymentus Corporation a percentage of the payment for processing it. Therefore, to be fair to all customers, we have to ensure that the users of the credit card service pay for that service.

Utility Bills

The convenience fee is $5.95 for each transaction per $400.00. Customers may make payments for amounts up to $400.00 in a single transaction; however, for payment amounts larger than $400.00, you will be required to make additional transactions for the remaining amount above $400.00 (also in $400.00 increments if applicable). A $5.95 fee will be applied to each additional transaction. Use your 6 digit utility account number. Don't use the dashes or the first string of 0's.

Property Tax Bills

The convenience fee is 2.75% of the total tax bill. You will need the property ID to pay (52-53-***-***-**) Don't use the dashes.

Bill Pay Links

---Online Utility Bill Pay

---Online Tax Bill Pay

Contact City Treasurer Brian Downing
(906) 475-7700 ext. 16

Contact Utility Billing
(906) 475-7700 ext. 17


Paying Fines & Tickets

If you receive a parking ticket you may remit payment in several ways:

  1. Mail payment using the brightly colored payment envelope left on your vehicle (do not mail cash).
  2. Place payment in the brightly colored payment envelope and drop it in the Utility Payment box located near the front entrance of the Negaunee City Library to save yourself the cost of postage.
  3. Come to the Negaunee Police Department in person.