Press Release – Establishment of Special Advisory Committee on Blight Resolution

City Manager Nate Heffron has issued a City Manager Directive 1-2018 (Directive HERE). This directive establishes the creation of a special advisory committee that will research and present advice on issues concerning blight within the City of Negaunee. Board applicationsĀ HERE.

The committee will be known as the Special Advisory Committee on Blight Resolution. This committee will consist of six members, of such will consist of the City Manager, Chief of Police, City Attorney, and three members at-large appointed by the City Manager. The committee will perform several functions as follows:

  1. Review of the International Property Maintenance Code;
  2. Determine if any parameters described as violations within the International Maintenance Code apply to properties within the City of Negaunee;
  3. Determine whether current ordinances pertaining to blight are effective;
  4. Determine if there currently is a “blight” problem withing the community of Negaunee;
  5. Determine what sections of the International Property Maintenance Code should be adopted by the City of Negaunee;
  6. Provide a recommendation as to what property classes would be best served at this time to apply such standards of the International Property Maintenance Code;
  7. Hold no less than four (4) public hearings on the matter of blight;
  8. Provide a written report on findings;
  9. Present findings and recommendations to the City Council

The City Manager is seeking qualified individuals who may wish to serve on this committee; qualified individuals must live within the corporate limits of the City of Negaunee and be at least eighteen (18) years of age. Applications may be submitted at City Hall located at 319 W Case St, Negaunee, MI; or mailed to PO Box 70, Negaunee MI 49866

Questions concerning this release or directive may be directed to the attention of the City Manager, Nate Heffron, at (906) 475-7700 ext. 11.

Board applicationsĀ HERE.