Re: Flushable Materials & Clogged Sewer Pipes

Dear Negaunee Resident,

Recently, the City’s sanitary pump stations that service your neighborhood have struggled or clogged due to excessive non-flushable¬† paper material in the sewers. These materials include; wipes, Swiffers, paper towels, and other personal hygiene products. Even though many products claim to be “flushable”, they have caused serious problems in our public sanitary sewer system. The materials do not degrade properly and clog the pumps that service your area.

We are asking for your help in assuring that only degradable materials meant for a sewer system, such as toilet paper, are flushed down the toilet. Cooking grease/oils also cause problems in our sanitary sewer system, and should be disposed of by placement in a container and thrown in the garbage. Additionally, if you have a cleaning company that provides service to your home, please notify them to NOT flush any of these materials down a toilet.

We thank you for your cooperation in assuring that our public sanitary sewer system continues to effectively service your home.



Nate Heffron

City Manager