Press Release – RE: Downtown Development Area Citizen Advisory Committee

The City of Negaunee is accepting applications from the public as a result of having over 100 residents who live in the proposed Negaunee Downtown Development Authority District.  Public Act 57 of 2018 requires the City to form a Downtown Development Area Citizen Advisory Committee to review and comment on the Negaunee Downtown Development Authority plans.

The committee shall consist of nine (9) individuals who are at least 18 years of age and who live in the development area of the Negaunee DDA District (please see attached map for boundaries). The purpose of the committee is to review the proposed Development Plan for the Negaunee DDA District and provide comments on the plan to the DDA and City Council prior to the official public hearing of the plan.

Members of the committee shall be appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. The City will be accepting applications starting today, March 11, 2019, until March 29, 2019, by noon. Members can expect up to three meetings lasting no more than one hour, over a six-month period. The Committee will review proposed infrastructure projects, downtown beatification efforts, and other exciting projects found in the proposed plan.

Qualified individuals who may wish to serve on this committee may submit their applications to City Hall located at 319 W. Case St, Negaunee, MI; or mailed to PO Box 70 Negaunee, MI 49866.

Questions concerning this release may be directed to the attention of the City Manager, Nate Heffron at (906) 475-7700 ext. 11.