Underground Pumped Storage Hydro (UPSH) Energy Systems: A Community Conversation about Adaptive Reuse of Abandoned Mine Sites for Energy Storage in Negaunee

Tuesday May 7th, 7pm

Negaunee Senior Center

One of the biggest challenges to creating a more secure, reliable, sustainable, and resilient electrical energy system from renewable energy resources is that the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine all the time. To be practical, the energy produced from these systems needs to be stored in a battery for use when demand surpasses supply. Underground Pumped Storage Hydro (UPSH) Energy Systems can use abandoned mine sites as battery storage systems, storing electrical energy so that it can be used when it’s needed.

A team of researchers from Michigan Tech (MTU) is studying this kind of energy system, using the Mather B site in Negaunee to explore whether this technology is feasible in the UP. During this community conversation, researchers from MTU will introduce UPSH and their project.

The research team wants to hear from you! There will be lots of time for questions and discussions. The research team hopes to learn about the interests, concerns, and questions from the community’s perspective, so that these can become part of the research and the overall outcome of the project.

Snacks will be provided!

With questions, contact Chelsea Schelly, cschelly@mtu.edu, 906 487 1759.