Kirkwood Block Update

Due to the structural instabilities Identified on May 17th 2019 at the Kirkwood Block, the City of Negaunee has been working on ensuring the safety of the residents and visitors to the City of Negaunee. We are providing this update to inform the public on what actions have taken place in the last few weeks to resolve this issue.

An environmental survey was conducted to identify elements that may be hazardous to the general public, as well as, identifying what methods will need to be undertaken to ensure that those elements are not a hazard to the general public or contractors during any future work at the Kirkwood block, asbestos was identified to be present.

On June 17th 2019 a temporary fence was erected on the north driving lane, north parking lane, and north sidewalk of Iron St, these fences were erected after the City Council unanimously passed a resolution during their regular June meeting to erect said fences.

As of June 26, 2019, an order of demolition has been sent to the property owner, with demolition to start immediately, failure to do so will result in fines and the City of Negaunee contracting a demolition company to remove the Kirkwood block safely and properly.

Due to the results of the structural survey and the asbestos survey the City of Negaunee has contacted engineering firms to draft a bid package for the controlled demolition of the Kirkwood building. The City of Negaunee will be contracting a demolition company, if the property owner does not comply with the demolition order in the coming weeks. The bid package will take into account the abatement of asbestos, ensure that no damage occurs to the neighboring buildings, and that the safety of the residents and visitors to the City of Negaunee is maintained at all times.

Due to the complexities of the demolition of the Kirkwood Block this process does take time and we at the City urge residents to have patience while the proper companies are preparing for the removal of this structure.

Questions concerning this release may be directed to the attention of the City Planning and Zoning Administrator, David Nelson at (906) 475-7700 ext. 12.