Sewer Televising Status – Week of July 22nd

In 2017, the City was awarded a grant in the amount of $499,500.00, known as a SAW grant, by the DEQ. This grant will assess the current conditions of our sewer mains. In this process, sewer mains will be rodded and cleaned in order to televised. This process can help determine what each main is constructed of and if a main is damaged or failing. With this information the City can better prepare for projects in the future.

Recently, while rodding and cleaning these mains, several homes have experienced sewage being expelled into their drains and/or toilets. This may occur primarily in basement toilets or basement floor drains connected directly to the sanitary system. It is also common this occurs in homes without adequate plumbing venting.

The City, GEI and the company that is providing these services have sent out a letter in June to all sewer customers explaining this issue. This letter suggested that homeowners that feel they may not have adequate plumbing venting, to contact a plumber.  In addition, door hangers were hung several days in advance in the neighborhoods where work will take place. Lastly, we are providing maps with this post to show where work is taking place currently.

If you should have any questions please contact the DPW.

Attached images show current work locations – Updated July 22nd, 2019.