Public Notice – Precautionary Measures

In accordance with actions taken by the Governor of the State of Michigan, all meetings held by City of Negaunee are hereby cancelled for the month of March. This includes all meetings held in official capacity of the City, non-governmental agencies, and private entities that meet in or at city spaces or city buildings. (Please see attachment)

Public meetings shall be rescheduled at an appropriate time and any such businesses needing to be conducted shall be limited to necessity, allowing for the continuation of minimal services provided at this time.

The following services shall be affected:


Negaunee Public Library

The Library will be closed, curbside services will remain open. Library materials may be returned using the curbside drop box. Please refer to the Negaunee Public Library Facebook site for details or call 906-475-7700 ext. 18.

Negaunee Senior Center

The Senior Center will be closed, some services will remain in place. Please refer to the Negaunee Senior Center Facebook site for details or call 906-475-6266.

Negaunee Police Department

The Police Department will remain on duty but the office will not be accessible to the public at this time.  If you need to contact the police department please call 906-475-4154


Negaunee Ice Arena

The Ice Arena will be closed to all events. If you have an event scheduled at this venue you will need to contact the city to reschedule. Please contact the Ice Arena at 906-475-7900.

City DPW Building

The DPW will remain on duty but the office will not be accessible to the public at this time.  If you need to contact the DPW please call 906-475-9991.

Utility Billing

Utility Billing will be on duty but will not be accessible to the public at this time. If you need to make a payment to the City you will need to seek one of the alternative measures to do so:

  1. Pay by check. (Mail or use drop-off box)
  2. Use the curbside drop-off box, please do not pay by cash
  3. Sign up for automatic payments (free)
  4. Sign up for our e-billing (
  5. Pay by phone 1-877-318-5715

Contact utility billing for help with signing up or other questions 906-475-7700 x17

 Rental Inspections

Rental inspections will be cancelled and every effort will be taken by the Planning and Zoning Administrator to contact landlords to reschedule for a later date.


These actions were taken with abundance of precaution in attempts to lessen the reach of the COVID-19 Virus’s reach to vulnerable segments of our community. As we know this will be an inconvenience to everyone, it is still hoped that you will do your part in assisting your neighbors remain safe and heathy during this testing time. Please note this notice is subject to change at any time.


Nate Heffron,

City Manager


Official Public Notice

Governor’s Executive Directive