Press Release – Old Town Abandoned Mine Concerns

RE: Old Town Abandoned Mine Concerns

Negaunee City Manager Nate Heffron is announcing that specific measures are underway to strengthen and enhance safety protocols within the City in the area known as Old Towne. “As many residents know, this area contains abandoned mines,” City Manager Heffron said. According to Heffron, many of these concerns stem from breaks in fence lines caused by natural occurrences or trespassers.  According to Heffron, the City has been working with the Marquette County Mine Inspector to make repairs to any necessary fencing deficiencies.

The City has recently hired Marquette Fence Co. to install 360 feet of new fencing in one area of Old Towne that will prevent individuals from exploring areas that may be dangerous. Funds for this project were taken from the Parks Department budget line reserved for playground equipment upgrades, in the amount of $8295.00. It is expected this fence will be installed sometime within the next few days. “It’s a costly and continuous battle, fencing has been cut by trespassers and is a real problem. It not only costs tax payer money to make repairs, but puts individuals at risk who may decide go past a fence as well,” Heffron said. According to signs found along and within the park, individuals that see damaged fence or trespassers should contact the Negaunee Police Department at (906) 475-4154.

Additional concerns have also been addressed, such as a new fencing being placed at a mine shaft on Gold Street and adding new signage at the Lions Club Jackson Pit Display. Heffron says that new signage at all park entrances will be installed in the near future to remind individuals that abandoned mines are present. “This is why it is very important that everyone stays on established trails or within park features.” Heffron said

“Future uses for the Old Towne land are in the works and the City will do everything within its power to ensure that safety is at the forefront when designing all public access sites. We also, pledge to make all necessary mandated repairs or take additional safety measures where warranted,” said Heffron. Heffron also expressed his gratitude for those helping to keep Negaunee safe and enjoyable for all resident’s and visitors alike.

Questions concerning this release may be directed to the attention of the City Manager, Nate Heffron at (906) 475-7700 ext. 11.