Truck Route and Bridge Weight Limits

Negaunee City Manager Nate Heffron is announcing that the Negaunee City Police Department is increasing enforcement of the City’s weight restriction ordinances on local streets due to the re-routing of truck traffic related to the bridge construction project on M-35.

“We recently changed our ordinance to allow for temporary truck routes to be established for construction purposes,” Heffron said.  “However, when the Marquette County Road Commission reviewed one of the initial reroutes for the M-35 bridge project, it was scrapped. The bridge on 480, just outside of the City of Negaunee, is not rated to handle loads over 31 tons according to the last bridge inspection.”  For this reason, trucks over the weight limit are forced to travel an18-mile detour. “It us truly unfortunate,” Heffron added.  “We wish we could help, but the bridge stands in the way, and it’s out of our hands.”

According Chapter 420 of the Negaunee Code of Ordinances, the only truck route currently established is Business Route M-28.  Heffron advised that violators will receive a citation from the City of Negaunee.  Violators face up to a $100 citation from the City of Negaunee.

Additionally, officers from both the Michigan State Police and the Marquette County Sheriff’s Department are enforcing the weight limit on the 480 bridge with a Weighmaster.  A Weighmaster enforces rules and regulations for the movement of oversize and overweight vehicles on roads and streets, and citations are being given for violations of the 480 bridge weight limit.

“We ask that each truck driver please respect our local and state rules with regard to travel, and to please be aware of the posted weight limits for the 480 bridge,” Heffron said.  “This is a matter of public safety.”

Questions concerning this release may be directed to the attention of the City Manager, Nate Heffron at (906) 475-7700 ext. 11.