Residents encouraged to adopt a hydrant

The City of Negaunee is asking residents and business owners to pitch in and help clear the city’s fire hydrants of snow and ice buildup and to claim the responsibility of shoveling out a fire hydrant after it snows.

Heavy snowfall can partially bury or block fire hydrants, and clearing out a hydrant is something that shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. The City has about 250 fire hydrants, and is asking for citizens’ cooperation in helping keep them clear of debris and snow. Cleaning a three-foot circle around hydrants is recommended so firefighters can quickly locate and use hydrants in an emergency situation.

In the midst of winter snowstorms, buried hydrants cause dangerous delays in the ability of firefighters to respond to fire emergencies. We also remind residents and businesses that while you’ve got that shovel out, check all the doors around your own home or business and make sure they’re all clear to open, to not only ensure that medical responders would not be hampered in their ability to treat a patient, but in removing a patient and transporting to a medical facility.

Please help older neighbors or those in need with shoveling walks and doorways, or encouraging those 60 and older to contact the senior center at 475-6266 for snow shoveling assistance.