Request for Proposals – Forestry Management Plan





The City of Negaunee, Michigan (“Negaunee”) is seeking proposal(s) from qualified forester(s) to manage various acres of forestland.  Located in Marquette County, MI, the current uses of Negaunee’s forestland are education, wildlife habitat, and recreation, and include trails for hiking, biking and other outdoor related activities.  In conjunction with the forester, Negaunee aims to develop a stewardship plan that balances the needs of recreation, timber and wildlife with the health, safety, welfare and prosperity of its residents and visitors.

This Request for Proposals outlines the requirement for a forest management consultant firm (the “Consultant”) for the management of the Negaunee’s forestlands, as identified on the map attached hereto as Exhibit A. Please contact the City Planning and Zoning Administrator for exact property parcels. (David Nelson, 906-475-7700 ext. 12)

  1. Executive Summary.

Please provide a summary of the Consultant’s proposal.  The summary should demonstrate the Consultant understands of the services to be provided and the consultant’s ability to commit the necessary time and resources to this project.

Proposed services should be in accordance with the request, and should include, but not be limited, to the following:

  1. A detailed plan covering ten (10) years of forest management for the identified forestlands.    
  2. A layout of the boundaries of each sale and based on the management plan that identifies any skid roads and log landings consistent with environmental or other relevant constraints;
  3. Marking and estimating for selective cutting, under sound forestry practices, that timber which in the opinion of the forester and in accordance with the Forest Management Plan should be marketed, as well as calculating the volume of marked trees in the sale area;
  4. Prepare and distribute sale prospects, which displays the volume and quality of marked trees, as well as a summary of the conditions under which it will be sold. Conduct a showing of the sale area for approved prospective bidders and must work through the City Manager’s office for all sales;
  5. Solicit sealed bids through the City Manager’s Office for marked trees and advise Negaunee on the selection of a buyer;
  6. Work with the City to prepare timber sale contracts to be entered between the City and the buyer, including all plans, reports, and legal requirements;
  7. Supervise the buyer’s harvest operations to insurer proper execution of the contract.
  8. Conduct a final inspection of the sale areas after completion of any harvesting, and arrange, if necessary, the correction of any deficiencies by utilization of the buyer’s performance bond;
  9. Maintain records of all harvesting operations, and update forest type maps where necessary;
  10. Maintain regular contact with Negaunee representatives, including the Tree Board, and submit a quarterly report on the status of any and all harvest operations, as well as preparation of an annual report to the City Manager; and
  11. Identify areas of conservation, recreation and/or other possible uses of the forestland as appropriate.
  12. Annual reporting to the Negaunee Tree Board (see Neg. Ord. Chapter 1080) and Negaunee City council
  13. Qualifications.

Describe the overall qualifications of the Consultant, including the Consultant’s background, the services it provides, and its specific experience in the last five (5) years in the area of forestland management.

Describe the professional qualifications and responsibilities of the key personnel who will be assigned to Negaunee, including their experience on similar assignments.

Consultant shall also furnish Negaunee Certificates of Insurance demonstrating general liability coverage of $1M combined single limit per occurrence for bodily injury, person injury and property damage.  Further, Consultant also agrees to indemnify, defend and hold Negaunee harmless as well as its authorized officers, employees, agents and volunteers for any and all claims, action, losses and damages, and/or liability out of forest management activities from any cause whatsoever.

  1. Project Approach.

Provide a narrative that demonstrates the Consultant’s understanding of the needs of Negaunee with respect to this project and present a technical approach to completing the proposed scope of work.



  1. References.

Present at least two (2) references for which the Consultant has performed similar services within the past five (5) years.  Include the name, title, address and telephone number of each reference submitted.

  1. Pricing.

Submit a copy your fee schedule.  Cost schedules for all foreseeable direct costs and fees must be included, including any costs associated to administer a possible timber sale.  All quotation(s) must be specific in terms and conditions, cover all costs, and must be valid for at least forty-five (45) days from the date of the submission.

  1. Submission of Proposals.

Two (2) copies of the Consultant’s proposal and other information are to be submitted to either:

Negaunee City Clerk

City of Negaunee,

P.O. Box # 70

Negaunee, MI  49866




Dropped off in person at the Negaunee City Hall

319 W. Case St.

Negaunee, MI  49866


All proposals must be in a sealed envelope and must be clearly marked, and must be received no later than July 16, 2021.


  1. Miscellaneous.

The City of Negaunee reserves the right to request additional information and to reject any and all proposals if it is determined to be in the public interest to do so.

The individual or firm or its employees shall be duly licensed, registered or otherwise qualified if so required by law or regulation to perform the services described and for which the proposal is submitted.

Bids may be awarded as a whole or separately, whichever is in best interest of Negaunee.