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Commonly Searched Ordinance Topics

Below is a list of commonly searched ordinance topics. Click the category title to view further information.

Snow Removal

For information on snow removal, please refer to the City Ordinance pertaining to this subject.  You may also find information in the Michigan Vehicle Code about snow removal/placement.  If you still have questions contact the DPW Supervisor at 475-9991.

Gas Powered Motors on Teal Lake

Per city ordinance, gas-powered motors are prohibited on Teal Lake regardless of whether they are being operated or are simply attached to a boat (not in use). You must detach any gas-powered motor from your watercraft before launching onto Teal Lake. Questions concerning this ordinance should be directed to the Chief of Police at (906) 475-4154.

Beach Use Rules

Effective 06/01/2004 there is a Beach/Park Use Policy which applies to the use of the Teal Lake beach and park area. The rules apply to both the designated swimming area (beach) and non-designated swimming area of the park unless otherwise stated.

Beach/Park Use Policy

Noxious Weeds, Junk, Rubbish and/or Miscellaneous Debris in Yards

The presence of noxious weeds, junk, rubbish and debris is prohibited by city ordinance. Call 475-4154 or submit an anonymous tip to report any violations of city ordinance and an officer will be dispatched to assess the situation. **Note: Your name will not be given to the property owner.

Hunting in City Limits

City Ordinance prohibits the discharge of firearms (defined as any rifle, pistol, shotgun, air gun, BB gun or any other firearm capable of projecting lead or any other object) within the City of Negaunee. Hunting with firearms is not allowed; however, hunting with bow and arrow is acceptable provided it is done in non-residential areas, safety precautions are taken and common sense is used.

Hunter safety courses may be offered through the Marquette County Sheriff's Department. Call 225-8435 for more information.

City Charter & Ordinances

If you are looking for information on a particular subject not covered in the "Common Topics of Interest" section (see below), try a search of all ordinances using a general key word such as "vehicle", "dog" or "snow." The complete ordinance book is a large file (10+ MB) that takes a little extra time to download, so if you already have a general idea of where you need to look, it might be faster to choose the appropriate part from the following list instead: